Top 17 Most haunted places in India Where You Should Go Before You Become A Ghost!

Top 17 Most haunted places in India Where You Should Go Before You Become A Ghost!

Top 17 Most haunted places in India Where You Should Go Before You Become A Ghost!


Ghosts, it is a spirit in which most of the people have faith, several don’t. There are such beliefs that, once a person dies, the spirit of the person becomes a ghost and stays with us for a long time. Like human beings they also reside in their place, these places are called haunted places. In this article, we have listed more than one Most haunted places in India, where you should visit once before the end of your life.

Well, several people don’t believe in ghosts and they do not believe that the ghosts reside in a haunted place, they try to judge the paranormal activities of the place according to science’s field. But, those people, who believe in ghosts, they enjoy the paranormal activities and they feel adventurous while meeting up the activities of ghosts. Normally there are mentioned various most haunted places in India in Hindi stories.

Like any other country of the world, India also consists of several haunted places where ‘they’ reside. Tourists who love to enjoy paranormal activities, visit these places once in their life so that they can enjoy the adventurers moments of these haunted places.

Most haunted places in India



1.Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

If there was a list of the haunted places in India, the Bhangarh fort should be on the first of the list. The fort is situated at the Rajasthan India and the place is famous for its paranormal activities. History says, a magician felt in love with the local princess but it was impossible to marry her. So, he tried to do black magic so that he can defeat the king and get the princess back.

However, the princes came to know about his plan and killed him but at that time, he has already done the black magic as a result, the whole fort got destroyed. Since then, ghosts of the villagers reside there and make the place haunted. Not just a haunted one, the place is also denoted as the most dangerous place in India.

The Indian government has created some restrictions while entering the fort and it is strictly prohibited to enter the fort after 5 P.M. This place comes between under the top 10 most haunted places in India in Hindi Horror movies.


2.Kuldhara Village, Rajasthan

Kuldhara is a village situated at the Rajasthan, where the villagers got vanished within one night. The whole situation takes place due to a curse and the villagers who got died within one night are still there and makes the place a haunted one.

According to history, the place was destroyed around the 1800s. After Bhangarh, Kuldhara is also denoted as the top most haunted places in India.


3.Jamali-Kamali Masjid, Delhi

At Delhi, there are other haunted places are there that are Jamali Kamali masjid. This place is denoted as one of the topmost haunted places from Delhi. People who have visited the place have experienced the human-like spirit around them, which got too scary for them. There are humor tells regarding Jinns are there and people believe that Jinns resides in the walls of this masjid.

Most of the people, who have visited the place, have noticed that someone is watching them from inside or someone is breathing at their neck. In the list of most haunted places in India, it resides in the top three.

4.Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad

Ramoji Film City has created a Guinness book of the world record for the world’s largest film city. At the inside of the film city, several hotels are there in which people have experienced such paranormal activities. These hotels are widely used in the shooting, marriage, or any other occasion, and the visitors have reported such kind of paranormal activities there.

These paranormal activities also go scary, when vulgar attacks towards the visitors took place. Most of the lighten have reported that one has pushed them from the backside and at that accident they got injuries. In case you love to explore the spooky activities you can visit these Most haunted places in India.

5.Jatinga, Assam

The village dating, which consists of around 2500 populations, still, there is a paranormal activity is taking place in the area. Birds who come from the other countries found died without any reason in the street. The phenomenon is also called Bird suicides by the local people. Also, the whole incident took place between 6 pm to 10 pm. and the whole thing took place around a 1-mile area.

Well, according to some of the people, it is a paranormal incident, where someone believes that the bird gets confused with the light of the villages as a result, they fail to detect the correct way and got died.


6.Mukesh Mills, Mumbai

Mukesh mills is a popular destination for shooting in Bollywood. The mill got closed in the year 1980 when the sudden fire outbreaks the mill. After the closure of the mill, most of the people have reported paranormal activities inside the mills.

Many people have found similarities with the story of the Bollywood movie ‘Om Santi om’. Most of the actors have refused to shoot here as they feel paranormal activities in the mill area. For the story of most haunted places in India in Hindi, most of the Bollywood horror movies have shot in this place.

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7.The Shaniwarwada Fort, Pune

The Shnaiwarwada fort was established by the Bajirao Ballar, the father of Nanasaheb. According to the locals, the whole fort got destroyed in a curse that is given by the friend of Kashwi bai, the mother of Nana Saheb. The place is too scary now.

Most of the locals say that a young prince was brutally killed here who is still here as a ghost. Most of them have filed a child is crying at midnight. Also, every full moonlight Peshwa family come sot other place and calibrates their festival.

8.GP Block, Meerut

GP block situated at Meerut which also resides in the list of most haunted places in India and their stories in Hindi. Most of the people have claimed that they have seen four male friends are having alcoholic beverages inside the house with single candlelight. At first, people thought that my four friends are having a good time but later they came to know, it was the incident performed by ghosts.

Most of the people have also noticed that a young girl with the red dress is coming out of the house. These incidents have created the place so spooky and haunted.

9.Dumas Beach, Surat

The beach is also known as a haunted place in India. The black sand of the beach has created an extraordinary haunted experience on the beach. Most of the visitors have experienced some paranormal activities while traveling to the beach.

According to the local people, it was a beach that was used previously as a Hindu burial ground. The extraordinary spooky experience has made the place one of the most haunted places in India in Hindi story.

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10.Raj Kiran Hotel, Lonavala

Raj Kiran hotel is denoted as one of the topmost haunted places situated at the Lonavala. The place is filled with paranormal activities. Especially at night, people experience the problem the most.

In case you are searching for a place where you can explore the haunted place, or want to grow up at a very spooky atmosphere, you can go to the Raj Kiran hotels also, it may happen that, you are waking up at night while you will see a blue light starts flashing in your eyes. If you love to be scared, you can visit the place once before you die.


11.D’Souza Chawl, Mahim

 The place is also listed as the most haunted place in India. According to the words of local people, a woman was felt into the water and seeking help from others. But anyone cannot help her to be rescued. As a  result, she died. Most of the people can listen to her voice near the well where she died till now. There were also several paranormal activities that have taken place there.

12.Tower of Silence, Mumbai

According to most of the residents of Mumbai, the tower of silence is denoted as most haunted places in Mumbai. Parsi people generally don’t bury the people using fire or soil, they left dead bodies at the tower of silence. According to the visitors, the people who visit the place feels some haunted activities in front of them.

People who are in the graveyard are can attract them towards the grave of the people. The Graveyard is still open no. Visitors can see that dead bodies are resting in the graveyard.


13.Dow Hill, Kurseong, Darjeeling

The girl’s school of Dow hill is also denoted as one of the most haunted places in India. Most of the borders of the school have experienced a number of spooky activities here. Especially in the evening, most of the people have seen a number of paranormal activities here.

In case you are vesting to this place, you should have caution regarding the spooky activities. If you are not a strong-hearted person, avoid visiting this place.

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14.South Park Street Cemetery

South Park Street cemetery is one of the topmost destinations for ghost lovers. The graveyard was established in the year 1767 that is denoted as one of the oldest cemeteries and the place also consists of an extraordinary spooky nature.

While visiting the place, most of the people have seen a lady wearing a white gown appeared to the place. Some of the people have noticed several sounds in the graveyard vent in the daylight.

If you are a ghost lover and want to have a spooky trip at the haunted place, you can visit the place once in your life. It can be possible that you may come across a spooky situation but try to avoid the place vesting in the rainy reason, it will be better for you if you visit the place in winter.

15.Bengal Swamps, West Bengal

Bangla swamps is another haunted event that is taking place in the Bengal. According to the general people, it is a light that comes up in front of the fishermen and they fail to detect the proper way of them. In case you love to have some adventure in your life, you can also have a look at the Bengal swamps.


16.Writers building

Writers building is also denoted as the most haunted places in Indiana. The place is situated at Kolkata which was also denoted as the capital of British India. The building was also established by the British.

At those periods, the building was established for the writers who work in several offices of the British. Later, it was made as to the main office building of Kolkata.

People who have visited the place have deliberately reported that at midnight they have noticed a sound of crying inside the building. The paranormal activities that are also taking place in the writer’s building have made it popular among the list of haunted places.

17.National Library Kolkata

The national library is also denoted as one of the most haunted places in India. Most of the readers who come to the place to read books have also felled paranormal activities there. If you are also looking for a place where you can explore the paranormal activities, you can also visit the place.

Most of the book lovers as well as caretakers who reside in the place at night have reported someone is watching them from the front or someone is crying at midnight. Though it is a haunted place they are not aggressive towards human beings one.


The article has gone through a number of Most haunted places in India. In case you love to explore spooky activities, you should visit the place once in your life. Hopefully, this article will remain helpful for you in order to know about the spooky activities as well as spooky places that you must visit.

If you don’t have to believe in haunted activities then also you can visit the place once in your life. There is more than one extraordinary thrilling experience you may get from these places.




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