The 14 best hotels in India where you can feel Luxurious Environments 

The 14 best hotels in India where you can feel Luxurious Environments 

The 14 best hotels in India where you can feel Luxurious Environments

Best hotels in India


There are many tourist places in India. So, it’s a little bit difficult to find out the best hotels in India. So, we here to guide you in order to browse the appropriate one for you. From North to South or east to west, India has plenty of tourism centers where outsiders come to see our glory. To give them perfect Service and for the luxury of people, there are many hotels in India on every side like north-south-west-east. The Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur was considered as India’s one of the best hotels. And the Indian city in Rajasthan has got the traveler’s choice award in 2015.

Without any delay, let’s figure out which are the top best hotels in India.


✓ Top 5 best hotels of south India:

The South India boutique hotels always come with something special for their customers. Whether you want a hotel by the beach or some peasant place to stay or a colonizing city, they can offer you all kinds of luxury to you. The best hotels of India in southern parts are as follows:


1. The Serai Kabini, Nagarhole

 Do you prefer a resort near the bank of the river? Then the Serai Kabini can melt your heart with its imposing nature. The enormous flowing Kabini river creates pleasant weather. So, you will feel very comfortable in those hotels. You can kayak while staying in the hotel or you can feel the amazing beauty of nature. The services of this hotel are undoubtedly impeccable.


 2. The spice tree, Munnar

 Tree Munnar which is in south India is one of the best hotels in India. You can get about all facilities as a customer. Taking from the morning tea to yoga( from the instructor) and including evening spa to swimming pool, all the facilities are available in this hotel. If you take interest in cooking, the experienced chef team is always ready for you.


3. Spice coast cruise, Alleppey

 These hotel services are extremely luxurious to its customers. When you wake up in the morning, the silent mild nature makes your mind refresh. You can feel the fresh wind and the unprecedented scenario of the sunset. You can enjoy the moment of catching fish by the fishermen.


4. Anavilasam Luxury Plantation, Thekkady

 This luxurious plantation house has four suits like a special room for guests, a villa, etc. This hotel always offers Ayurveda messages and services nice fresh food. You can make your favorite meal here and enjoy the full day traditionally.


5. Eighth Bastion,  Kochi

 The Eighth Bastion resort is near Fort Kochi Beach and that’s why the catching of fishes by the fishermen is a normal scenario. Here you can get traditional culture and excellent hospitality from the servers of hotels. This hotel has a supreme style that makes it one of the best hotels in India.


✓ Top 5 best hotels of North India:

 Want to make this boring summer vacation enjoyable? Then, why are you waiting? Travel the north part of India and make this summer yours.

Let’s have a look at the best hotels in India on the north side. If you want you to go for Honeymoon then you can visit Top 10 Destinations for honeymoon in India in 2020.


1. Jaisalmer Suryagarh:

 Jaisalmer Suryagarh is in the sea of desert Rajasthan. The hotel becomes full of illumination on a night. The traditional structure and spectacular color make the hotel very unique. You can take rest in the garden and feel the mild beauty of nature pleasantly. These features make Jaisalmer Suryagarh one of the top best hotels in India.


2. Samode Palace:

 Samode Palace is also an award-winning Boutique hotel. It follows the Indo-Saracenic traditional architecture which is about 500 years old. If you are looking for a palace in a rural area, then go for Samode Palace. Among all the rustic hotels, this one is highly recommended as the best hotel in India because of its unrivaled services. The ideal weather for swimming makes the hotel very harmonious.


3. Rohetgarh Fort hotel

 The monarchical members still maintain this 375 years old resort. As the hotel is by the bank of a lake, the customers get an extreme facility. The hospitality of the Rohetgarh Fort hotel is awesome. You can know more details of the hotel if you go there.


4. Jaipur Samode Haveli:

 Samode Haveli is one of the best boutique hotels in Samode Palace. Just a distance of 15 meters from Jaipur city center, you can reach the Haveli very easily. Here you can enjoy the typical food of Rajasthan. The excellent service of the hotel makes it one of the best hotels in India.


5. Fateh Garh

 In our list of top 5 best hotels of India in the northern part is Fateh Garh. Here the royal members have superb old car collections. The Fateh Garh which stands on a mountain hill gets reformed a few years ago. You can get to see the sexiest swimming pool and the statue of Lord Buddha.


✓ Top 4 hotels of North-east India:

 When we discuss the excellent weather of north-east India, there must come the coagulated lakes in. Tawang, the high mountain ranges in Sikkim, and the tea plantations in Assam. Let’s take a glance at the best hotels in India located on the north-east side.


1. Mayfair Spa Resort and Casino( Gangtok)

 Willing to enjoy the astonishing environment in Sikkim? Go to the resort and enjoy your whole vacation. The hotel is in Ranipool from where you can travel the entire Gangtok. This hotel is famous for its hospitality and ambiance. You can get the spa relaxing facility with great gym centers that make the Mayfair Spa Resort one of the best hotels of India on the north-eastern side.


2. Vivanta Guwahati, Assam

 If you have targeted to see the seven sister states, this hotel is the best place to stay in. Vivanta resort is in the heart of Guwahati city. You can reach there through the airport as this is a short distance.


3. The Elgin, Darjeeling

 When it comes to Darjeeling, Elgin is the best option for you. The rooms with awesome designs attract the attention of travelers. Darjeeling is in the lap of Himalayas.


4. The Royal Plaza, Gangtok

 After Mayfair Spa Resort, the Royal Plaza is the second-best choice for the tourists. It is one of the best hotels in India. The cafes and restaurants of Gangtok are excellent. Most of the travel companies offer Assam tourist packages. Many people can see the third highest peak in the hotel rooms.


In our article, we have given you a brief idea about some of the best hotels in India. The excellent facilities of the hotels take the attention of the people and force them to visit there.

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